Ian Miller - Millerods

"The name 'Cranka' may be most famous for the game - changing and unique 'Cranka Crab', but the brand represents far more than just one product. The thousands of hours in R&D, relentless commitment to quality and above all the originality of design in Cranka Minnows, Shads, Vibes, Cranks and of course Crabs - are all a credit to the brand. And 'Steersy's' experience as a winning tournament angler shows through in each of his products - in other words, they all work like champions!"

- Ian Miller - Millerods


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Steve Morgan - ABT Tournaments & Fishing Monthly Magazine Founder & Director

"Yellowfin bream, black bream. pikey bream - it doesn’t matter what species you chase, if you go bream fishing without a Cranka Crab in your box, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage."

"At the same time, they take no skill and plenty of skill to produce. If you want to drag one with the tide, you’ll catch bream and if you want to skip cast one into the deepest, darkest corner in the river, that’ll get eaten, too."

"The 2015 BREAM Grand Final on the Clarence River was ridiculous - nearly the entire field was using Cranka’s Crabs and they were all catching fish. It’s great to see Cranka as an ABT sponsor in 2017.
- Steve Morgan
Chris Wright - Australian Bream Tournament Legend & All Round Nice Guy

"I have no hesitation in saying that the Cranka Crank is my favourite hard body lure on the market today. In both deep and shallow it catches big black and yellowfin bream straight out of the box... Nothing needs changing. Just tie it on and hold on!"

"This lure aswell as the Cranka Crabs are a must in my opinion in every bream fishermans tackle box!"

- Chris 'Slick' Wright

Check out Slick's first ever cast with a Cranka Crab in the video below!


Cameron Whittam - Successful Australian Bream Tournament Angler

"Having known Steve Steer for 20 years I have come to expect the unexpected. I have though come to expect high quality, imaginative lure designs that he and the 'Cranka' brand are now world famous for.  The Cranka brand is a leader steering the bandwagon that many have tried to jump on and predictably failed. If you are a serious angler like me, you owe it to yourself to tie on the best, I do."

"As a bream tournament angler I have used and still own hundreds if not thousands of lures. Few have stood the test of time and now gather dust in my shed. The Cranka crab would have to be the best all round lure I have ever used. Just as at home on an ultra shallow flat to dredging the depths, there isn't many fish that can resist eating this thing. I have so much confidence in the Cranka crab that if I dont get a bite I know there isn't any fish there. Best thing is that you don't need to be a guru to catch fish on this lure, it's that good."

- Cam Whittam